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Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can one size tray fit any size mouth?

    Due to the flexible Silicone (Latex Free) construction, the trays have the ability to stretch and form to literally any size mouth. In the thousands of treatments performed thus far, we have not had one person complain about the comfort of the tray!

  • How often can a patient safely use this product?

    Everyone is different, but doing this treatment four times a year should not pose any problems, as our gel is gentle on healthy gums and dental work. It's recommended to always consult your dentist before doing any type of teeth whitening.

  • On what shade scale do you mean 2-5 shades?

    Any common dental grade shade guide scale will depict the shades from whitest to darkest. From Example: A1, A2, A3 (Whiter shades) B1, B2, B3 (darker shades). Bleaching guides also exist which show even whiter shades.

  • Does Sinsational Smile sell our products to the companies that are showing up in the malls?

    NO! Sinsational Smile is sold exclusively through Dental Distribution companies.

  • Does the pen “really” work?

    YES! The pen is our saturation process, which is the equivalent to the Crest White Strip treatment. (which has been proven to work well). When used at home with the treatment tray we are keeping more solution on the teeth which saturates the tooth resulting in improved performance.

  • Why is Sinsational Smile tray better than a custom tray?

    It’s not necessarily better, it’s different. Our tray is silicone, very flexible, and truly one-size-fits all. In 1000’s of treatments we have never had a complaint about the fit of the tray.

  • Who manufactures your product?

    Sinsational Smile uses its own manufacturer located in the United States.

  • What is the nanometer of the light?

    Nanometer is the measurement of light wavelength – our light is 470-490 NM. Research has shown that 470-490 NM is the optimal wavelength for teeth whitening. This is the same strength as a hand-held curing light used to cure composite.

  • Why is it unsafe for children under 13 to have the procedure?

    Children under 13 may have excessive sensitively because their nerves have not fully formed. They can have sensitivity due to their large nerve/pulp chambers.

  • Is this safe to do after the patient has a cavity filled? Will it cause them to be too sensitive?

    YES! This will not adversely affect dental work.

  • Does this erode tooth enamel over time?

    Studies have shown that bleaching 2-4 times per year does not deteriorate enamel and cause erosion. Also check with your Dentist regarding your specific situation and question regarding dental health.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Only a small percentage of people may experience a slight tingling sensation during treatment. This subsides once the teeth are rinsed.

  • Is teeth whitening safe?

    Yes. Research has shown that when teeth are normal and healthy there are no apparent adverse effects on the tooth’s enamel.

  • What causes tooth discoloration?

    Eating and drinking dark pigmented foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, cola and red wine along with aging and smoking are the leading causes of tooth discoloration.

  • Does teeth whitening work for everyone?

    Teeth whitening is not effective on individuals with stained teeth as a result of certain medications, decalcification, or those who were born with grayish teeth. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, or children under 14.

  • Will teeth whitening affect my dental work?

    This process will not whiten crowns, fillings, veneers or other dental work. The process does not adversely affect these structures.